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This is the Nano-11 LTD network

Hello members, 73 countries, 370 representatives. This is the Nano-11 LTD network. Our company never stops. Our company is always working. That’s why we greet you this Saturday. There is a weekend ahead so we still have time to summarize what has been done during this still ongoing week (Standard and Plus plans give profit at weekends as well). Last week the number of the countries with the Nano Technologies Investments (#NTI) representatives exceeded 70. Ten more countries are on the waiting list. In total, there are more than 370 representatives. So a few words about the statistics of our company's representatives. Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Brazil are the countries with 20 representatives each. China has almost 20 representatives while India has 16 individuals who represent us. This week, representatives have been added for Honduras, Haiti, Slovakia, Denmark and Sri Lanka. See the complete list here: https://www.nano-11.com/?a=cust&page=repres We are sure that it is the largest network in existence and we intend to move further. We will provide our representatives with all necessary information and will begin to open representative offices with the most active ones,. We are confident that our investors deserve more active personal communication and we are sure that we’ll be able to arrange it. Have a good weekend!

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