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connection with the summer period

News June 1. In connection with the summer period, the results of the trading period, "February-May" will be announced on July 1: As the summer of 2015, not all players have time to close on time contracts. This fact does not affect the monthly payments guaranteed%; 2. Within three months ahead of schedule will be returned all deposits smaller than 500 USD. This step, along with the early repayment of deposits held previously according to the plan "Stable", designed to reduce the operational burden on the project. For those investors who are willing to continue working with the Fund, the following measures: - The possibility of extending the existing deposit in the amount of USD 250 - The inclusion of capitalization until the deposit amount in USD 500 3. At the request of investors, for which the minimum deposit of 500 USD is too large, the plan added to the mandatory capitalization: the plan is a complete copy of the plan "Asset Management", with the following exceptions: - Minimum deposit is 250 USD - Earnings on the plan automatically capitalized until the deposit amount in USD 500 - Accrual of guaranteed 5% is fully automatic and is not tied to the 1st day of each month 4. all investors with a minimum deposit of 250 USD and more, is available possibility to expand the existing deposit in the amount of 250 USD.

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