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the results of the TA, biennium project and other news July

Lacking funds to pay guaranteed minimum

News July 1. Results of the trade, "February-May period": the total yield of the trading period was 12.21%. Lacking funds to pay guaranteed minimum 5% / month drawn from the reserve fund, which will be deducted on a quarterly basis 10% of the profits. Recall that a similar phenomenon is absolutely a work point: the total profit for the trading period was 6.7% in April 2015. 2. In July 2016 the project officially celebrates 2 years! Team ksakep.com heartily thanked the investors for their confidence: As before, we will exert every effort in order to keep it at the highest level of quality and conscientiously doing his job, while remaining your reliable partner in the investment world. A special thanks goes to those investors who believed in us since the early days of the project: for your trust and invaluable support at the start, we give you the absolute size of the bonus is 20% of the amount of active to date of the deposit. The bonus is calculated on the balance of trade, and may be withdrawn at any time. 3. In honor of the biennium, the project is declared traditional, sixth in the entire history of the project, the bonus event: in the period from 2 to 15 July, for all deposits for a period of 12 to 20 months, is charged an additional bonus of 10%. This bonus stacks with the bonus for the term of the deposit, but not involved in the formation of profit and paid at maturity of the deposit. For more information about the nature of bonus shares in the section FAQ. 4. By popular demand of investors, who want to test the project work a small amount, put the plan "Test". Minimum deposit on said plan is 100 USD for a period of 6 months, the interest rate: 5% / month. Because only an evaluation function for each investor provides the ability to create one-time deposit.

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